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TECH4 June 3, 2013 Announcements

Question: How long does it take to get an Gift Card?
Answer: All Gift Cards are EMAILED and will be emailed to you within 30 days or less. Please email us ONLY if it has been MORE than 30 days. You can also find your Gift Card CODE and PIN if needed, in your ORDER HISTORY. 

Question: I referred my friend, but I am not getting matching points.
Answer: Make sure your friend signed up using your referral link and is showing up as a referred friend. You can see this on the MyAccount page by clicking the link that says: "Points earned from my referred users". If they are showing up as a referral, make sure they are actually using the iRazoo site and have won instant points. They must earn instant win points for you to get the matching points. If they are not using the site, they will not win any instant points and therefore will not make you any matching points. You get matching points only through instant wins. 

Questions: What is a Treasure Code?
Answer: Treasure codes are codes we give out periodically on Facebook. These codes are like a coupon. When you type this code into the iRazoo site, you will get FREE points added to your account. Once you get a Treasure code from Facebook, go to the MyAccount page and click on the link "Treasure Code". Remember, Treasure Codes come out randomly at Facebook.com/iRazoo, so become a fan of iRazoo on Facebook so you will always be alerted when a Treasure Code comes out! 

Question: What gift card can be used by Canadians?

  1. Paypal
  2. BedandBreakfast
  3. Crutchfield
  4. Dell
  5. Lowe's
  6. Omaha Steaks
  7. Rixty
  8. Shutterfly
  9. The Home Depot
  10. Travelocity         
  11. Amazon 

Question: What points can I earn if I am from the United States?

Answer: You can earn points on everything. 

Question: What points can I earn if I am from the UK or Canada?
Answer: You can earn points on everything but there is a daily points cap on videos and games 

Question: What points can I earn if I am from any country other than USA, UK or Canada?
Answer: Users from other countries can usually earn points from Offers, Surveys and other means. Please click the Earn Points tab after registering to see what categories are available to you in your country.

Question: What prizes can be used outside of North America?
Answer: Paypal is the only reward that can be used worldwide, but we are looking at some other alternatives as well. 

Question: What are the Rules for earning points from watching videos?
Answer: (1) Users cannot watch more than one video at the same time. (therefore they cannot view videos simultaneously in different tabs/browsers) (2) Users cannot refresh the same video again and again. Users can watch the same video but it cannot be back to back. (3) Users will only get credit after watching the video for AT LEAST 30 seconds. (4) Users cannot use bots or any kind of automated software to earn points for videos; this will lead to denied orders and/or being banned. 

Question: How do I contact Volume11 if I don't get credit?
Answer: For all Volume11 issues, first email Volume11 support center at support@v11media.com. If the problem does not get resolved after two weeks then please contact us using the feedback form below.